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RoHS Compliance Statement

Date: 2/16/2010
To: Sensory Customers
Subject: RoHS Compliance

This is to document that Sensory’s NLP-5x chip and development tools, as well as the RSC-4x and SC-6x product families (in die or packaged parts) comply with the requirements of Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS/WEEE) Specifications based on the following RoHS compliance certificates from our vendors:

  1. TX Trading's RoHS Certificate dated 11/05/2009 – NLP-5x Demo/Emulation Board, NLP-5x Clock LCD Module, NLP-5x Programming/Verification Board, NLP-5x RPM Base Board.
  2. Verisilicon, Inc.'s RoHS Certificate dated 11/06/2009 – ZSP-USB-JTAG.
  3. Austriamicrosystems AG Fab’s RoHS Certificate dated 10/16/2008 – RSC-4x dice.
  4. TSMC Fab’s RoHS Certificate dated 1/17/2008 – SC-601/SC-604/SC-605/SC-614 dice.
  5. Vanguard (VIS) Fab’s RoHS Certificate dated 9/23/2008 – RSC-4128 dice.
  6. Taiwan IC Packaging Corporation (TICP) RoHS Certificate dated 9/16/2008 – LQFP176 & LQFP100.
  7. Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Ltd. RoHS Certificate dated May 2009 - 8" wafer.
  8. TX Trading RoHS Certificate dated 10/18/2008 - RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board v2, RSC-4x Module Programming Board, RSC-4x Target Board v2, Sony SRS-P7 Speaker Assembly.
  9. Sunnytech (Hip Fung Electronics) RoHS Certificate dated 4/08/2009 - RSC-4x Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM).

For additional information or copies of these certificates, please contact us at:

Sensory, Inc.
4701 Patrick Henry Drive, Bldg 7
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408-625-3300, Fax: 408-625-3350

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