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NLP-5x Natural Language Processor

Advanced Speech Technologies that include Sensory, Motor and Display Controls
The NLP-5x is designed to offer advanced speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), high quality music and speech synthesis and robotic control to cost-sensitive high volume products. Based on a 16-bit DSP, the NLP-5x integrates digital and analog processing blocks and a wide variety of communication interfaces into a single chip solution minimizing the need for external components.

The NLP-5x operates in tandem with FluentChip™ firmware - an ultra-compact suite of technologies that enables products with up to 750 seconds of compressed speech, natural language interface grammars, TTS synthesis, Truly Hands-Free™ triggers, multiple speaker dependent and independent vocabularies, high quality stereo music, speaker verification (voice password), robotics firmware and all application code built into the NLP-5x as a single chip solution.

The NLP-5x also represents unprecedented flexibility in application hardware designs. Thanks to the highly integrated architecture, the most cost-effective voice user interface (VUI) designs can be built with as few additional parts as a clock crystal, speaker, microphone, and few resistors and capacitors. The same integration provides all the necessary control functions on-chip to enable cost-effective man-machine interfaces (MMI) with sensing technologies, and complex robotic products with motors, displays and interactive intelligence.

* Programming and Development Tools
NLP-5x Block Diagram

NLP-5x Block Diagram


Detailed Documentation and Downloads:
Descriptions: PDF Files:
NLP-5x Datasheet (2.4MB) 80-0317-K
NLP-5x Product Brief (90k) 80-0329-A
NLP-5x Demo/Emulation Manual (558k) 80-0314-A
NLP-5x Program Verification Manual (431k) 80-0319-A
FluentChip 5 Technology Reference Manual (290k .chm) 80-0316-A
Installing ZVIEW IDE Tools (248k) 80-0320-F
NLP-5x Debugging using ZViewIDE (248k) 80-0328-A
Design Note: Programming the NLP-5x RPM (209k) 80-0330-A
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