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RSC-4x ToolKits

Sensory's RSC-4x family of integrated circuits offers state-of-the-art speech technologies as well as a general purpose microcontroller in a single low-cost chip. To fully take advantage of these capabilities, Sensory has partnered with Phyton to create an unprecedented array of development tool options depending upon your budget and preferred programming environment. This comprehesive suite of development tools offers power and flexibility for creating fast, risk-free embedded speech applications quickly on the RSC-4x platform.

All chip programming is done under the Project-SE Phyton IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and requires the FluentChip™ Libraries and QuickSynthesis™ 4 tools. The Phyton IDE, FluentChip™ libraries and QuickSynthesis™4 tools are provided free of charge with any toolkit purchase, or for downloading after submitting the downloads registration form. Please note that Phyton's C Compiler and Sensory's Quick T2SI™ software are not free and must be licensed separately. Phyton Tools must be purchased from Phyton directly.

RSC-4x Development Flow Chart


Development and Prototyping Platforms

Sensory offers a variety of development platforms depending upon your budgetary needs and the scope of the final project. For developers wishing to become familiar with Sensory's speech technologies quickly and inexpensively, the RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit is a great place to start.

RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board

RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit
Sensory's RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit along with the free Phyton Macro Assembler provided with the Project-SE IDE is the lowest cost debug environment and code writing platform. Download the Project-SE and order the toolkit by fax from Sensory.

RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board

RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit with Phyton C Compiler
Sensory's RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit along with the Phyton C Compiler offers the most efficient code production tools on the lowest cost debug environment. Order the Toolkit from Sensory, and the C Compiler from Phyton.

RSC-4x Target Board with PICE-SE

Phyton PICE-SE, RSC-4x Target Toolkit
The Phyton PICE (Phyton In-Circuit Emulator) coupled with the RSC-4x Target Toolkit and Phyton's Macro Assembler is an excellent choice for machine language programmers, offering the most efficient on-the-fly debugging environment and lowest cost code production platform. Order the PICE from Phyton, and the RSC-4x Target Toolkit from Sensory.

RSC-4x Target Board with PICE-SE

Phyton PICE, RSC-4x Target Toolkit with Phyton C Compiler
The Phyton PICE coupled with the RSC-4x Target Toolkit and Phyton's C Compiler is the most powerful option, offering the most efficient on-the-fly debugging environment as well as the best code production platform. Order the PICE from Phyton, and the RSC-4x Target Toolkit from Sensory.

Development Software
FluentChip™ and Quick Synthesis™ 4

FluentChip™ with QuickSynthesis™ 4
This latest release of Sensory's core technology libraries offers Speaker Dependent and Speaker Independent Recognition, Speech, Music and DTMF Synthesis, Speaker Verification, Continuous Listening, Word Spotting, Record and Play, and Interactive Robotic features such as TimeSet, LipSync, SonicNet, and more.
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Phyton Project-SE IDE Screenshot

Phyton Project-SE IDE
The Phyton Project-SE IDE provides the software environment for programming all RSC-4x chips. The public domain portion of the IDE includes an editor, an MCA-SE macro assembler, and PDS-SE software debugger/simulator. The IDE also supports Phyton's MCC-SE C compiler and PICE-SE in-circuit emulator. The Project-SE is available for downloading from the Phyton website.

Phyton MCC-SE C Compiler CD

Phyton C Compiler
The Phyton MCC-SE C Compiler produces compact and effective code, and provides more than 100 ANSI C library functions and RSC-4x runtime support libraries with source files. The compiler comes with a 14 day trial period from Phyton, after which it must be licensed to continue working.

Quick T2SI™ Screenshot

Quick T2SI™ with International Language Support
Develop speaker independent vocabularies from text-based input in multiple languages quickly and efficiently with Sensory's revolutionary T2SI™ technology. The Quick T2SI™ tool is available as an add-on to any RSC-4x development platform, and is also sold in its own development toolkit complete with an RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board. Contact Sensory Sales for more information.

Sensory Toolkit Contents
& QS4
Project-SE IDE Quick T2SI™ Phyton
RSC-4x Demo/
Evaluation Board
RSC-4x Target Board RSC-4x RPM RSC-4x MPB
RSC-4x Demo/
Evaluation Toolkit
* * opt opt  * n/a opt opt
RSC-4x Target Toolkit * * opt opt  n/a * opt opt
Quick T2SI™ Toolkit * * * opt * n/a opt opt

* = included; n/a = not applicable; opt = optional purchase not included with toolkit

Toolkit Descriptions
RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit Box

RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit
Sensory's standard development platform contains everything (RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board, FluentChip™ CD, Speech Tools, Speaker, USB cable and U.S. power supply) needed to evaluate Sensory technologies and develop simple speech recognition projects. Order from Sensory.

RSC-4x Target Toolkit Box

RSC-4x Target Toolkit
Similar to the RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Toolkit but contains an RSC-4x Target Board instead of the RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board. This toolkit allows the Phyton PICE to be connected to an experimental prototyping environment with full input and output support including microphone, preamplification, and various memories (RAM, ROM, and flash). Order from Sensory.

Quick T2SI™ Toolkit Box

Quick T2SI™ Toolkit
Sensory's Quick T2SI™ Toolkit brings unprecedented flexibility and speed in developing speaker independent speech recognition sets. This kit includes PC based Quick T2SI™ IDE (available now-contact Sensory Sales for more info) that allows the typing of vocabularies which can be edited, tested, fine-tuned and downloaded onto the included RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board. Order from Sensory.

Phyton PICE-SE on RSC-4x Target Board

Phyton In-Circuit Emulator (PICE-SE)
The Phyton In-Circuit Emulator is most powerful programming option for the RSC-4x family. It is designed to be mounted on the RSC-4x Target Board, and provides real-time non-intrusive emulation for all members of the RSC4x family and "On-the-fly" access to the code memory, shadow memory, breakpoints, tracer and timer. Order from Phyton.

Additional Development Tools
RSC-4x Module Programming Board (MPB)

RSC-4x Module Programming Board (MPB)
The RSC-4x Module Programming Board (MPB) is designed for downloading code to Sensory's Rapid Prototyping Module and VR Stamp. It has a standard 40-pin DIP Socket for the module, and interfaces to a Windows PC via USB. The MPB can be ordered by fax.

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