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Sensory's ICs and embedded software are used in consumer electronics, cell phones, PDA's, internet appliances, interactive toys, automobiles, and other applications where low cost and high quality are essential.

Please refer to our IC Selection Guide for more information and comparisons between Sensory's chip options.

The Interactive Speech™ product line includes:

NLP-5x Natural Language Processor
NLP-5x Development Tools
RSC-4x Family
RSC-4x Development Tools
SC-6x Series

Sensory's RoHS Statement
Sensory's IC's are manufactured by companies who understand the importance of reducing toxic substances in the manufacturing process and have supplied documents of compliance.

TrulyHandsfree Voice ControlSensory's TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control technology builds upon the initial success of our TrulyHandsfree™ Trigger, and now offers multiple phrase technology that recognizes, analyzes and responds to dozens of keywords. It consistently recognizes phrases even when embedded in sentences and surrounded by noise. Traditional approaches to keyword spotting have failed in high noise and frequently false fire, but TrulyHandsfree™ can have over 95% accuracy without false fires even in high noise and speech. Smartphones, Bluetooth devices and consumer electronics for the home and the car can now offer a TrulyHandsfree™ experience from beginning to end.

TrulyHandsfree™ supports compliance with Section 255 and CVAA accessibility needs for mobile and consumer device usage.

The Most Natural User Interface: Speech
  TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control - Software Solutions for Mobile and Automotive Platforms
TrulyHandsfree Voice Control - Software Based Solutions

With TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control, users are not required to hold the device to their mouth to deliver commands. The technology can respond to commands delivered as far as 20 feet away or in high noise conditions making it a perfect solution for controlling devices in the home while multitasking or in the car where users need to focus on driving. The technology is now part of the FluentSoft SDK and is available for Android™ environments with other platforms under review.

Marketing Brief - TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control for Mobile and Automotive Platforms »
  TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control - IC Solutions for Consumer Electronics
TrulyHandsfree Voice Control - IC Solution

TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control can be added to any everyday consumer electronics products with a single chip solution from Sensory. Sensory's NLP-5x integrated circuit and FluentChip firmware enables products to wakeup and respond when their name is called, so no button pressing or manual manipulation is needed for implementing hands-free voice control. This very low-power technology is extremely robust to noise and designed to prevent false triggers during normal room noise and conversations.

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