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Sensory's ICs and embedded software are used in consumer electronics, cell phones, PDA's, internet appliances, interactive toys, automobiles, and other applications where low cost and high quality are essential.

Please refer to our IC Selection Guide for more information and comparisons between Sensory's chip options.

The Interactive Speech™ product line includes:

NLP-5x Natural Language Processor
NLP-5x Development Tools
RSC-4x Family
RSC-4x Development Tools
SC-6x Series

Sensory's RoHS Statement
Sensory's IC's are manufactured by companies who understand the importance of reducing toxic substances in the manufacturing process and have supplied documents of compliance.

TrulySecure Authentication TrulySecure™is a combined voice and vision authentication solution for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs that is secure and robust, offering better protection than passwords/PINS or fingerprint swiping. The solution features quick and easy enrollment-capturing voice and face simultaneously in a few seconds. It is also capable of unlocking the device with no hassle, as well as managing users and allowing access to apps. TrulySecure™ also provides maximum security against unauthorized attempts to break in, while ensuring the highest verification rates for the user. For the best of class verification solution in the market look no further than TrulySecure™. It is robust to environmental challenges such as low light or high noise-it works in real-life situations. The proprietary speaker verification, face recognition, and biometric fusion algorithms leverage Sensory's deep strength in speech processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Last but not least, TrulySecure™ offers ease-of-mind specifications: no special hardware is required-the solution uses a standard mic and camera on phones, tablets and PCs. Additionally, all processing is done on-device so personal data remains secure.

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