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Many technical and sales related questions can be answered quickly and easily by referring to the appropriate document. If the information you seek is not covered here, please use our request support form for additional assistance.
Application Notes, Design Notes, and Reference Designs:
Find detailed information on how to design and get the most out of your Interactive Speech™ project.
Get detailed data and programming information for Sensory IC's, modules, and software.
Product Briefs:
Quickly browse brief technical overviews of Sensory IC's, modules, and software.
Speech Recognition Language Coverage:
See which languages and countries/regions Sensory's Speech Recognition Technologies currently support.
Development Kit Guides and Manuals:
Here is a great programmer's resource for use with Sensory's development tools.
Help Files:
Hyperlinked .chm help files.
Market Briefs:
Here you'll find an in-depth discussion on how Sensory's speech technology fits and enhances a particular market, such as the automotive industry.
Full-size schematics of retail products.
White Papers and Policies:
Find answers to common questions.
Forms for ordering and customizing Sensory products.
Document Name Part Number Size Rev. Date
Application Notes, Design Notes, and Reference Designs
Application Note - Audio Output Design 80-0105-D 47k 10/18/07
Application Note - Failure Analysis Checklist 80-0257-A 114k 12/02/03
Application Note - Recording Speech & Music for Synthesis 80-0050-E 53k 3/16/09
Application Note - RS232 to USB for the RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board 80-0275-C 38k 7/20/06
Design Note - LipSync™ Tool 80-0295-D 412k 8/15/07
Design Note - Low Power Mode Design 80-0285-F 285k 11/24/08
Design Note - Microphone Housing 80-0258-C 39k 7/25/06
Design Note - RSC-464 Application 80-0304-A 47k 5/03/07
Design Note - Selecting a Microphone 80-0259-I 87k 5/14/12
Design Note - Selecting a Microphone & Gain Resistor for the NLP-5X 80-0318-B 109k 4/22/14
Design Note - Sensory SonicNet™ 80-0307-B 50k 11/27/07
Design Note - SoundSource™ Technology 80-0296-C 60k 11/15/07
Design Note - Speech Recognition Hardware Design 80-0073-P 167k 01/16/13
Design Note - Speech Recognition Software Design 80-0305-C 115k 4/28/10
Design Note - Speech Recognition Testing 80-0297-A 54k 8/03/06
Design Note - System Level ESD Mitigation 80-0276-G 55k 12/13/06
Design Note - Voice Trigger Guidelines 80-0355-A 198k 5/27/14
Design Note - Using the NLP-5x LCD Module and LCD Sample 80-0346-A 1.4MB 9/18/11
Design Guide - Using the Sensory NLP-5x Infrared Interface 80-0351-A 41KB 01/16/13
Design Guide - Using the Sensory NLP-5x Motor Control Module 80-0350-A 316KB 9/05/12
Reference Design, RSC-4128 Memory and In-System Programming 86-0002-A 661KB 8/07/08
Reference Design, Voice Clock 86-0001-D 3.3MB 8/05/08
DataSheet - NLP-5x 80-0317-K 2.4MB 05/07/12
DataSheet - NLP-5x Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM) 80-0335-F 792k 01/16/13
DataSheet - RSC-4128 80-0206-W 804k 11/03/08
DataSheet - RSC-464 80-0282-M 661k 11/03/08
DataSheet - RSC-4x Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM) 80-0291-B 103k 7/21/06
DataSheet - SC-691 Speech and Music Processor 80-0211-E 201k 12/01/10
Product Briefs
Product Brief - NLP-5x Natural Language Processor 80-0329-A 90k 2/16/10
Product Brief - Phyton Integrated Development Environment for RSC-4x Family 80-0262-A 170k 1/20/04
Product Brief - Quick T2SI™ Toolkit 80-0245-C 201k 3/28/06
Product Brief - RSC-4128 80-0225-C 122k 7/21/06
Product Brief - RSC-464 80-0284-B 118k 7/21/06
Product Brief - TrulySecure™ Multi-Modal Authentication 80-0357-A 228k 6/30/14
Product Brief - Wearables Technology Suite 85-0003-A 288k 3/25/14
Speech Recognition Language Coverage
Language Map 85-0002-B 932k 1/31/14
Development Kit Guides and Manuals
FluentChip™ 5 Errata fc5errata.htm   2/16/10
FluentChip™ Errata errata.htm   5/21/09
Installation Guide - Installing the ZViewIDE for NLP-5x Development 80-0320-G 264k 7/17/12
Installation Guide - NLP-5x Debugging with the ZViewIDE 80-0328-D 5MB 07/17/12
Manual - FluentChip™ 5 Reference Technology Manual (NLP-5x) 80-0316-B 352k 07/17/12
Manual - FluentChip™ Reference Technology Manual (RSC-4x) 80-0288-E 2.3MB 9/26/07
Manual - NLP-5x Demo/Emulation Toolkit 80-0314-B 365k 07/17/12
Manual - NLP-5x Program/Verification Toolkit 80-0319-D 149k 07/17/12
Manual - Programming the Phyton Tool using the IDE 80-0247-F 670k 9/26/07
Manual - QuickSynthesis 4 Guide (.zip) 80-0271-F 241k 07/17/12
Manual - Module Programming Board (MPB) for RPM and VR Stamp 80-0294-E 274k 9/24/07
Manual - RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board Demo Manual 80-0249-E 55k 7/21/06
Manual - RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board Evaluation Manual 80-0253-F 132k 11/16/06
Manual - RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation V2 Manual 80-0293-E 417k 11/24/08
Manual - RSC-4x Target Board V2 Manual 80-0299-D 405k 11/24/08
Manual - SCT-6000 Instruction Manual 80-0224-A 514k 5/03/02
NLP-5x Demo/Emulation Board v2 70-0074-E 230k 07/17/12
NLP-5x Demo/Emulation Board v3 70-0083-E 231k 08/17/12
NLP-5x Programming Verification Board v2 70-0078-C 277k 07/17/12
NLP-5x Programming Verification Board v3 70-0082-C 224k 08/17/12
NLP-5x Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM) 70-0080-E 49k 01/16/13
RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation V2 Board 70-0065-C 217k 12/20/06
RSC-4x Demo/Evaluation Board 70-0058-C 154k 11/03/03
RSC-4x Module Programmer Board 70-0069-C 83k 3/18/05
RSC-4x Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM) 70-0068-B 60k 12/20/06
RSC-4x Target V2 Board 70-0071-A 217k 2/02/07
White Papers and Policies
Adaptive Artificial Intelligence White Paper adaptive_AI.pdf 15k 2/07/05
Sensory Privacy Policy     3/07/06
Sensory RoHS Statement     2/16/10
Sales Order Form orderform.pdf 500k 1/06/11
ROM MASK-Mass Program Checklist and Release Form 82-0043-Q 115k 1/10/13
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